Why Choose Us?

1.  Objective “Fee-Only” Advice
Troika is fee-only, independent and objective. Any advisor with a financial stake (i.e. commissions) in recommendations cannot be considered objective and unbiased. Some or all of their income may be dependent upon their ability to steer you to the product they are offering.  Learn how investment advisors are different from stockbrokers.

Troika is compensated only by our clients, and we are not dependent on the sale of a product. We never receive commissions, rebates, awards, finder fees, bonuses, or any other compensation from others as a result of our client’s implementing our recommendations. Furthermore, there are no hidden fees. We believe in transparent compensation so you know what you are getting for your money.

2.  Personalized Service
Troika is committed to providing a high level of personalized service, as this is critical to our success. Unlike many financial service firms with a high turnover rate of both advisors and clients, we do not work with hundreds of clients; therefore, our success is based on each individual client’s success at achieving their goals.

3.  Fiduciary Duty and Cost Management
As a Registered Investment Advisor firm, we are obligated to serve as your fiduciary advisor, strictly representing your highest financial interests.  As such, we maintain a constant eye toward aggressively eliminating unnecessary costs on a number of fronts, as well as fully disclosing those that remain, so you can proceed with informed clarity.

Cost management is among the most important ways we fulfill our fiduciary relationship with you, and one of the biggest ways we stand apart from most other financial services.

4.  Academic Based Investing
We apply the best academic research, not Wall Street hype, to investing.

Core Investment Principles:

Markets Work.  Capital markets do a good job of fairly pricing all available information and investor expectations about publicly traded securities.

Diversification is key.  Comprehensive, global asset allocation can neutralize the risk specific to individual securities.

Risk and Return are related.  The compensation for taking on increased levels of risk is the potential to earn greater returns.

Portfolio structure explains performance.  The asset classes that comprise a portfolio and the risk levels of those assets classes are responsible for most of the variability of portfolio returns.

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